from the President
We at International Paper have a mission to improve people's lives, the planet and our performance, turning renewable resources into products that people depend on every day.

In the last year, we have developed the New IP Way, which is based on five pillars: Performance, People, Planet, Products and Forests. This is our strategy to follow our vision of being among the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world.

Sustaining Forests

Our entire business depends on the sustainability of our forests. In Brazil, we maintain more than 960 ha on Privately Owned Nature Reserves (RPPNs), for the preservation of biodiversity and conservation of native forests. In 2016, we created RPPN Paineira, recognized in November 2016 by the state of São Paulo, with more than 83 tree species and 98 species of animals, including birds and mammals.

Investing in People

We conduct our operations with absolute care with safety of our professionals and service providers, which is a value to us. The zero accident goal is our permanent horizon, and we have a robust accident prevention program. In 2016, we implemented the My Positive platform, which allows the insertion of safety observations by all IP professionals and occurrences control for preventive measures.

The development of communities established in the region where we operate is also a constant concern for us. Through our social actions, we have been able to impact, in the last year, over 28 thousand people, carrying out 10 projects in 14 cities.

We will continue to make sustainable investments to protect and improve the lives of our professionals and mobilize our teams, products and resources to meet critical needs in the communities in which they live and work.


Our sustainability efforts are evident from the essence of our renewable and recyclable products to the way we make responsible management of our resources to reduce our environmental impact.

Today, following our commitment to the 2020 Targets, more than 90% of the electricity consumed by our plants comes from renewable sources, 95% of the water we use in our production process returns to nature, and we have reduced our emissions by approximately 13% between 2014 and 2016.

For the next few years, we will continue to solve the most complex problems in our value chain, in order to continue promoting the long-term sustainability of natural assets.


We create innovative, sustainable and recyclable products that help our customers achieve their goals and impact people's lives every day. As a world-class company, we have a differentiated global strategy, exploring broad markets and investing in our products and brands, which become increasingly relevant to our customers. For 2017 we want to further strengthen our brands and offer the best products, with cost competitiveness and efficiency.


We know that the last year was a tough period for our country, but at IP Brasil we face these difficulties as an opportunity to look at the development of our talents and the improvement of our processes. Our response to dealing with the impacts on business demand and cost structure is an efficient management of the entire production chain.

In 2016, we achieved the record shipment to Latin America, which grew 5%. The development of new clients in this region allowed us to balance the most adverse scenario in Brazil - although we increased our customer base on both scales.

Thus, we seek to be prepared to act not only during this period, but also when the strength of the economy is regained. It is from our values and achievements that we look at 2017, with the perspective of improving the macroeconomic situation and getting closer to our customers and our consumer market.

We are proud of our ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of our customers in markets around the world while remaining true to our vision, mission and values. We do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons, all the time: this is The IP Way.